MATO Industries Ltd
                                            Rubber Products

Cleats, Skirts, Clamps and Guards
Cleats, Skirts, Clamps and Guards include:
.  Skirting Clamps
.  Side Skirt Rubbers
.  Rubber Cleats
.  Guarding Systems



Quick Release Conveyor Skirting Clamp

.  Skirting material is adjusted in minutes.
.  Clamp adjustments are made quickly, easily and safely.
.  Low cost.
.  Positive fixing.
.  No springs to jam or break.

Side Skirt Rubbers

Side skirt rubbers

.  Various width thickness and lengths available.
.  Ex stock.

Rubber Cleats

Rubber Cleats

.  Various shapes & sizes by request.
.  Many different heights & thickness in stock.

Modular Safety Rail System

.  Quick installation time.
.  Easy access to loop take up areas.
.  Easy access to Drive units.
.  100% Retrievable.
.  No heavy lifting, or removing guard.
.  Can be used as barriers, to restrict access.