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Mato at the forfront working with global belt manufacturer in Research and development projects to optimise mechanically fastened conveyor belt performance.

As suppliers to the coal industry, Fenner Dunlop and Hallite lead the way.
And when you meet people like Steve Wymark, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Steve joined Fenner Dunlop as a trainee in the development department more than 30 years ago and has risen through the ranks to his current position as Technical Manager.
As an expert in the splicing of belts, Steve has travelled extensively to install joints and train customers and contractors;
in fact he’s so adept at handling a knife when cutting belts he earned the nickname “Blade” whilst working in America.

Steve oversees a continuous programme of dynamic testing at the Marfleet, Hull, UK, test facility to ensure consistent excellent performance of belts when joined with either vulcanised or mechanical joints.
He has also developed a very close working relationship with MATO, working with them to produce a fastener that gives optimum performance on Fenner Dunlop belts.
But Steve is not unique; people like him can be found in Fenner manufacturing and service operations around the world, from the factory floor to senior management.



17 October 2019  

Steve “Blade” Wymark.
Technical Manager,
Marfleet, Hull, UK