MATO Industries Ltd
                                          Conveyor belt clamps

Conveyor Belt Clamps

Belt Clamps include:

. Heavy to Medium Duty Belt Clamps
. Heavy Duty Clamps

MATO Power Clamp
Heavy To Medium Duty Belt Clamp

.  Designed for use in any conditions
.  Easy to transport and assemble
.  Steel and aluminium beams are available
.  The ability to clamp any belt width positively
.  Available in various sizes to suit different belt    strengths

.  Ajustable for different belt widths

MATO Mining Clamp Series
Heavy Duty Belt Clamp

.  These clamps are available in three rated    working loads
.  The design of these belt clamps have a patented    safety system which allows the clamping force    on the belt to increase in proportion to the    pulling force applied to the belt.
.  Specially designed to hold the belt at three    times the safe working load.